Our Products

Our Delivery Service

Our delivery service enables delivery service businesses to run their businesses in a Cloud-like IT ecosystem that enables your business to grow and flourish. We pride ourselves in eliminating or reducing your IT expenditure (Software, Hardware and Resources) so that you can focus on running your businesses. Give us a try and watch your business grow.

Our Delivery Partners

Mofiamo delivery services on Boameooo platform is the dream delivery service for any existing delivery business owner or a wannabe delivery service start-up. Simply create an account and complete your account details and we push customer delivery requests to you. At Boameoo we provide the technology that enables delivery partners and businesses to run their complete business on our platform. You receive delivery requests, payments, pickup and drop-off mapping route data, etc. We provide your business all the required resources to fully function and grow. Try our Delivery Service.

Our Delivery Customers

Mofiamo delivery service on Boameooo, we make the transportation of your goods and merchandise an easy process. We do this by having our delivery partners provide a cost-effective, dependable, and attested transportation service that ensures that your goods and merchandise reach their intended destination. Our vision in the delivery service business is to provide the means for every Ghanaian to send and receive whatever they want to friends, family, and businesses etc.